Kong Bao Chicken

This is a dish of chicken...

Main material:
Chicken without bones: 900g ( best to choose drumstick without bones), Dry Red Pepper 40g, Fried Peanuts 75g

Onion 1 piece ( better to find 2 bars of long green onion), cut into small pieces, egg white from 1 egg, farina two big spoons, soy sauce 2 big spoons, minced garlic, sugar half tea spoon, white vinegar 1 tea spoon, salad oil 5 cups, salt 2 tea spoons, farina water 1 big spoon

1. put the egg white, salt and 2 big spoons of farina together, stir till they mix with each other equally, keep the mixture there to be used later as preserving sauce... put 1 big spoon of soy sauce, 1 big spoon of farina, sugar 1/2 tea spoon, salt 1/4 tea spoon, and minced garlic 1/2 tea spoon together, stir till they are mixed equally, this would be sauce

2. cut the chicken meat into pieces, as 1cm small mass, mix with the preserving sauce stir equally, keep it for half hour, then put 5 cups of salad oil in the pot, turn on the fire, when the oil is hot, put the diced chicken inside, fry it with big fire, for half minute

3. when the chicken changes the color, take it out, dry it from the oil, leave 2 big spoons of oil in the pot, turn on the fire again, when the oil is hot put the dry pepper inside, switch into small fire, fry the dry pepper, then put the onion pieces inside and fry again, when there's smell coming out put the chicken back into pot again, switch to big fire, fry all the things, for a little bit while, now pour the sauce, again fry them for a bit while

4. now put the fried peanuts inside, fry and stir all things for another bit while, till you think they are ready to eat!

Enjoy your food!


  1. HI Linda,
    nice recipes, would try Kong Bao Chicken in the future^^

  2. Thanks Nick, yeah Kong Bao Chicken is delicious! :)


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