Smoothly Fried Fillet

This is a dish of fish

Material: Fish 150g

Ingredients: Egg Yolk 40g, Farina 50g
Vinegar 40g, White Sugar 75g, Ginger juice 15g, peanut oil 30g, soy sauce little bit


1. wash the fish, cut it into fillets
2. put the egg yolk and farina into fillets, stir together
3. put the pot on fire, pour bit peanut oil into the pot, when it's 50%-60% hot put the fillets inside, fry them deeply till each and every part of the fillet gets fried, take out the fillets, remove the oil stuck onto the fillets
4. put the pot on fire again, with bit oil inside, when the oil is ready pour the ginger juice, vinegar, white sugar and soy sauce inside, stir them till there's smell
5. put the fillets inside the pot, mix some farina with water, till it becomes rich juice, pour the rich juice into the pot
6. pour bit more oil into the pot, turn the mixture up side down, put bit more oil again, now you can take out everything and put it into the plate

Enjoy your food!

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