Curry fish

Main material: Weever (or any fish available)

Other ingredients: Pepper, Onion

Spices: Curry, Salt, Farina

Method: 1. kill the fish, remove the skin and bones, cut the body into bars, wash them with cool water, to remove the blood and fishy smell... put some salt and other spices preferred by yourself, preserve them for couple of minutes...

2. wash the pepper, cut into bars, and cut the onion into bars as well...

3. soak the fish bars with the farina one by one, put some oil into the pot, fry the soaked fish bars till they become gold yellow in color, fish head and tail also need to be soaked with farina and fried...

4. while taking out the fish bars, put the pepper bars and onion bars onto the fish bars, pour some hot oil above, place the fish head, fish bars, and fish tail in order, like a shape of fish...

5. fry the curry, take out the solid things, put some spices available with you, into the curry oil, stir it, till it becomes paste, pour the paste onto the fish body, then the dish is ready!

Enjoy your food!

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