Toothpick meat

This is a dish bit easy to make...


Mutton 300g, Dry pepper 100g, Cumin 1 spoon (15g), Soy Sauce 2 spoons (30ml), Salt 1 small spoon (5g), White Sugar 1 spoon (15g), Farina 2 spoons (30g), Minced Garlic 1 small spoon (5g), Minced ginger 1 small spoon (5g), Minced Onion 1 small spoon (5g)


1. wash the mutton then dry it from the water, cut it into small pieces as 3cm long, 2cm wide, 0.5cm thick, cut the dry pepper into small pieces as 3cm long.

2. put the cumin, farina, white sugar, soy sauce, and salt into the mutton, stir the mixture, preserve it for 20 minutes, use toothpick to string the mutton, one pick with 3 or 4 pieces.

3. pour some oil into the pot, turn on the fire, heat the oil with middle fire, when it's 60 percents hot put the strung mutton pieces into the oil, turn the fire bit bigger, fry the mutton till it becomes white, take it out and dry it from the oil.

4. leave little bit oil in the pot, when it's hot put the dry pepper, minced onion, ginger, and garlic, fry them till the smell comes out, then put the fried mutton strings, fry again untill they are all ready to eat.

Have a nice meal!


  1. with chilly sauce will be fantastic.

  2. never had this before, looks nice :D

  3. Yeah, looks nice, also tastes good! :)


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