Braised potato and chicken

Braised potato and chicken is a dish of chicken, which is somehow spicy, coz there's chili inside...

Materials: Chicken, potato

Ingredients: Salt, garlic, onion, dry red chili.

Spices: salt, cooking alcohol ( any type of beer, wine, whiskey is ok) , soy sauce.


1. Cut the ginger and onion into small pieces.

2. Cut the chicken into pieces, put salt, alcohol, soy sauce and minced onion into the chicken pieces, stir the mixture, pickle it for around 15 minutes.

3. Remove skin of the potato, cut it into pieces of 1cm square for each.

4. Put pot on fire or heater, pour some oil inside, couple of tea spoons are ok, when the oil gets hot, put the minced onion and ginger inside the oil, fry for a little bit then put the pickled chicken into the pot, fry all and stir them while frying, till most of the water goes away, then pour little bit soy sauce into the pot, plus the chopped potato, fry and stir for 2 minutes.

5. Pour some water into the pot, which is at same level of the materials in the pot, put some salt, open the big fire, or turn heater into high level, when the water boils, turn the fire small, or heater into low level, keep cooking for 20 minutes, then turn fire or heater into middle level, add some dry chili, keep cooking till the water goes away, then it's ready to eat.

Enjoy your food!

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