Yang Chow Fried Rice

It's a dish of fried rice...

Materials: string bean, carrot, sausage, egg, rice (better to prepare some cooled ready made rice)

Ingredients: garlic, onion

Spices: salt, chicken essence (if you can't find it in market, it can be skipped)


1. cut the carrot and sausage into small pieces, the smaller the better, not into powder size though; cut the garlic and onion into minced size; pour the eggs inside bowl, put some onion inside...

2. put some oil into the pot, turn on the fire, when it gets hot, put the string beans, carrot and sausage pieces into the pot, plus the minced garlic, stir fry all, till there's good smell coming out (this might take couple of seconds), then put the eggs inside, stir fry the mixture again, when the eggs get golden yellow, take out all the things and put them into a plate...

3. again put some oil into the pot, turn on the fire, when the oil gets hot, put the rice inside then stir fry, at the moment, put some salt and chicken essence into the pot, when the rice becomes dry and there might be some rice piece jumping from the pot, put all of the previously fried things into the pot, stir fry all, till the rice becomes soft but no sticky, take all out and put into plate, it's ready to eat now...

Enjoy your food!

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