Hunan Chicken

This is a dish about chicken:

Material: Chicken, Dry pepper, Fresh red pepper 3 pieces, Ginger 1 big piece

Ingredient: Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Marina, Chicken flavor


1. cut the chicken into small pieces, put some salt, soy sauce (just little bit, to give the color), marina, then stir the mixture...

2. cut the dry pepper into parts, cut the fresh red pepper into round pieces, ginger into fillets...

3. put the pot on fire, pour some oil inside, switch on the fire, pour the dry pepper into the oil, take the pepper out when the smell comes out... Pour the ginger pieces into the oil left from fried pepper, fry it, then pour the chicken pieces inside and fry...

4. when the chicken pieces turn golden yellow in color, put the dried dry pepper, and the fresh red pepper, fry the mixture, then put some soy sauce, and the salt, stir all until they are mixed equally... Now it's ready to eat...

Tips: 1. stir the chicken pieces with marina would make the meat tender
2. the dry pepper should be fried in small fire, otherwise it would be over cooked, with no good smell or taste

Now enjoy your food!


  1. Hi thanks for the appreciation! :)

  2. nice and appetizing post :) unfortunately I don't eat chicken, trying to be veg. is there any Chinese veg recipes?

  3. Hi thanks for the feedback, sure I'll add some veg recipes, good day and happy cooking! :)


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